*Graduate Jobs Update*

Again he has done it. Jonathan has got quite a lot in his basket this week. Such an amazing little thing he is, he’s doing half of the job for you. All you need to do is to apply.

For all you social people, The Body Shop is looking for a Social Media intern. Have a look at the role and apply here.

Our friends over at the digital agency FOUND are looking for a bunch of people. They are looking for a Search Marketing Intern, and SEO Executives. If you’re a lover of Web Design (something we normally aren’t) they are looking for a Junior Web Designer as well. All jobs listed on their site here.

Feeling charitable (you have to be as you just get travel expenses paid…)? The charity Solar Aid has a Digital Content and Communications role available. Could be good if you want to get some experience and a foot into the market. Have a look and apply here.

Here’s a first. The digital agency TUG isn’t looking to fill a particular role at the moment, but they are welcoming you to send them your CV. If they like what they see they might call you in for a cuppa and a chat. Check them out here and why not send your CV over –  you never know

What’s hot at Neil’s Grads side this week? We’re currently looking for quite a few (a lot of) PPC Grads at the moment. So if you like your numbers, analytics and everything what PPC is about. Drop Nik an email at niklas@neilsrecruitment.co.uk. We got quite a few SEO Content roles up our sleeves as well, so if you like SEO and Content Marketing, do the same thing, drop Nik an email. Don’t forget to attach your CV and tell us a bit more what you’re looking for.

Here we are again. If you need any help with your applications, just give us a nudge or a shout and we’re happy to help out. As always, Nik’s the man for this so here’s the email you need to remember: niklas@neilsrecruitment.co.uk.