Guest Blog – Krupa Patel: So you want to be in digital?

Krupa is a recent candidate of ours who joined digital marketing consultancy Fast Thinking on an internship in September 2013. We asked her to put a few tips together for others wanting to follow in her footsteps.

Krupa Patel

First, a little bit about me…

My favourite colour: blue

My favourite hobby: singing

My role: Managed Services Associate at Fast Thinking

This involves managing clients’ activities across different platforms and looking after relationships, producing reports and giving insights as well as research and development.

Top essentials:

1) Passion, passion and passion!

Your foundation has to start with love & fascination with technology. My own passion comes from my dad’s excitement to do with technological advances whether it’s cars (yep, I used to spend time in garages and reading Haynes manuals as a kid), audiovisual systems or personal devices.

Follow your passion and success will follow you.

2) Learning goes beyond the classroom.

Try to complete a placement if you can. If not, volunteer or look for summer internships because experience is the best teacher. You would be able to get a taste of your dream career and you get to develop transferable skills. It’s also important to keep up with industry news and developments, as this is a rapidly growing area where things change everyday. I volunteered for the charities and causes that I grabbed hold of any applicable volunteer opportunities my favourite charities had going.

There are many areas to digital marketing therefore it’s important to know what interests you the most and how you think you can contribute to its development.

Bonus: writing about it on your CV looks great as you’re showing passion and initiative. Neil and his team give great tips and advice on CV writing that work a treat. My CV started to receive a much better response once I’d listened to Niklas (he’s a star!). They also organise free training webinars for all the different aspects of digital with experts who are often recruiting.

3) LinkedIn: think of job searching like dating.

If you think LinkedIn is only for established professionals as I once did, think again. It’s a fantastic resource and opportunity to find information on the companies and people you aspire to work for. Go ahead and send messages out and connect with such people as they’re equally looking for the right fit. Finding the right job is not just about skills, qualifications and interview preparation- it’s about having the right chemistry and environment that suits you too. It was on LinkedIn where I came across Nick, my boss. I am in awe of him and his experience. It so happens he had an internship vacancy and invited me along for an interview…

Having the right impact with your profile is crucial- especially for digital marketers. Neil and his team can help with this and there are plenty of articles. You’ll find you have plenty of the material you need in your CV.

For the best profile picture:

* Clear head & shoulder shot
* Lots of light & a white background
* Dress smartly
* Say cheese!

4) Interviews

It definitely is easier said than done but try not to let your nerves overshadow your enthusiasm and preparation. I found researching about the people interviewing me on LinkedIn or in news articles helped me feel more at ease as I would often knew what they looked like and sometimes what they sounded like as well as getting to know a bit about them.

Preparation is key and if you’re already regularly keeping up with industry news, this comes easily. It definitely shows when you haven’t prepared properly. As Mohammed Ali said, “The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses – behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.”

Graduate interviews don’t need to be so scary. Whether it’s an assessment centre or numerical/verbal reasoning tests, you often find out in plenty of time to be able to prepare thoroughly which takes away the sting from them.

Prepare answers to competency based questions using STAR and points on your CV you think you would be asked to talk about in depth. This helps you tell a story as opposed to sounding like a parrot or worse- like everyone else. Sometimes, you get thrown some tough questions your way. It’s worth investing in a book to help you answer those questions and practising the answers with someone.

5) Being a geek is cool.

Your love for Excel will be met with open arms.