Meet Dan.

“Do you want this packet of CheeseStrings mate?”

Neil and Dan

That’s Dan and I at a company softball game about 4 or 5 years ago

That’s the first thing Dan ever said to me. It turned out he had kidney stones at the time and as a keen lover of synthetic cheese I took up his offer. We’ve been good friends ever since. We were both working for Handle Recruitment (a great company full of great people by the way and well worth contacting, especially if you’re looking for something in music or entertainment).

I was working on the Digital team and Dan was in Finance, but in a company of around 40 people, we quickly we became the go-to points for anything technical/IT-related/generally geeky. We struck up a friendship based around football, gadgets and Alan Partridge references.

When I left Handle to set Neil’s Recruitment Co. up, Dan and I remained good friends and a few years down the line when we were looking to expand a little, he was an obvious choice to join – despite coming from a background in finance recruitment, Dan also built websites and mobile apps in his spare time. I knew he’d pick up the digital market quickly and that he worked the way we like to work – knowing the market well, doing the right thing for clients and candidates and thinking mid to long term, not about ‘quick wins’.

Here Dan looks after junior to mid-level hires across each of our core areas and as resident techie, he also looks after the programming and integration of Jonathan our search engine.