Meet Dave.

When I first met Dave it nearly came to blows. We were playing ThunderCats at the time and both of us wanted to be Lion-O (naturally).


Dave on one of his less glamorous acting jobs

He was four and I was seven at the time, so hopefully that makes it a bit more OK. We went to the same primary school for a while and I was friends with his brother Chris (who also worked with us for a few weeks in the Summer of 2013).

Both Chris and Dave were also musicians and a little further down the line I joined a band where Chris was drumming (and where I met Nicola). Dave and I also stayed in touch and I saw him from time to time. His day job is as an actor and he’s been in stage productions, films and advertising promotions both here and in Malta. He worked for us part time in between auditions and acting jobs.

Dave’s job was to help Nik on the graduate front – promoting our free training events and helping to provide resources and support for the graduates we’re dealing with.

What’s he doing now?

Dave was a massive help during his time here (so much so that we extended his original contract twice). He helped us get to a point where we could manage our data much more effectively. Keep an eye out on London’s stages and the big screen for him, he’s a star.