Meet Matt.

“I would love to come and develop this side of my knowledge under your guidance and if not you should pop down to my night!”

Matt Ukelele

Matt with his ukulele 

That was the closing line of Matt’s cover letter when he applied to be our new intern back in February 2013 and in a weird way it pretty much got him the job. Staggeringly (and flatteringly), we had nearly 250 applications to replace Matt’s predecessor Mike, but Matt stood out for a few reasons.

As Matt will tell you (within 30 seconds of meeting you), he runs a comedy night called The Crying Duck – he’s a stand up comedian himself and when we met him he had exactly the balance of bravado and approachability we were looking for. We’d met 2 other candidates that we also liked and after meeting them, we asked each of them to write (in 250 words or less) a response to the question ‘Why is the programmatic buying market a good market for graduates?’ with no further instruction. Each submission was strong, but we felt that Matt’s had the best balance of tone, detail and engagement (you can read it here).

Matt joined as an intern and was a hit right from the word go. He produced some great articles as well as contributing some good ideas. At the end of his internship, we really didn’t want to see Matt go so we offered him a permanent position in the business.

For his first year or so here, Matt’ was our ‘Correspondent’ – basically this involved making the digital media market accessible for graduates and school leavers looking to enter the market – you can see some of his work here.

Matt’s now a freelancer writer and works with us as a curator and editor of content on this site.