Meet Mike.

I was partly responsible for dislocating Mike’s shoulder at our 2012 Christmas do (and Mike, for that I am genuinely sorry).


Mike dislocated his shoulder whilst skating at Somerset House as part of our Christmas party (thanks to a combination of my erratic skating style and Mike’s valiant rescue attempt). Mike used to play flanker for the England U19s rugby team and I’m told the shoulder injury is a recurring thing, so I feel slightly less guilty.

Mike was our intern towards the end of 2012/beginning of 2013 – he had some experience in social media and website management and helped us with our presence on our social media channels including Twitter and Facebook. His work in writing blogs for our website also set the framework for the role that Matt now does. He was also instrumental in our success with our original Digital Agency Star Chart and helped us maximise it’s impact in the market.

It was a genuine pleasure to be around Mike and he did a great job – always brimming with enthusiasm and bursting with ideas, we knew he’d go far in the digital market.

What’s he doing now?

Mike’s now an SEO Analyst at iProspect. During his time with us, we noticed that Mike had combination of strong people skills, some technical ability and a strategic/ideas driven-brain. This, combined with Mike’s background in social media meant that he was a natural for the modern era of SEO, and we hear he’s doing great there.