Meet Nicola.

Nic and I have been to over 300 weddings together.

Nicola Band 2

That’s Nicola and I performing somewhere around 5-6 years ago

That’s actually true. I first met Nic back in about 2004/05 when we started playing in a function band together. Since then we’ve done hundreds and hundreds of gigs across the breadth of the UK – weddings, corporate events, charity balls, gigs at military barracks (and once a Christmas party for a children’s rugby club which involved a fair amount of knee skidding).

When Nic joined the business, she’d just come back from a year touring the world as a singer on a cruise liner. I was still in my first year here and was getting busier and busier – Nic had worked in recruitment for a year or so and the timing was just right for her to join.

Nic spent most of her time here looking after graduate recruitment and did a fantastic job – she picked up the market really well, worked hard and we had a lot of laughs and a pretty good time too (95% of the time anyway).

What’s she doing now?

Nic left us towards the beginning of 2013 on a secondment to help one of our clients with their internal recruitment. She did a great job and was offered the chance to join on a permanent basis. She’s now Talent Manager at iProspect and looks after recruitment for both iProspect and Data2Decisions.