Meet Niklas.

Nik and I met on the World Wide Web (or the internet as it’s now known).


We’ve no idea what’s going on or what Nik’s looking at here

That was a few years ago now. Nik stumbled across my profile on LinkedIn and saw that we’d completed a similar coaching course. He was running his own coaching business MindFire at the time and our businesses had a similar ethos and similar values. We met for a coffee and hit it off.

At that point I’d wanted to focus part of the business on investing in graduates for a while and Nik’s (varied and occasionally exotic) background seemed like the perfect fit – Nik’s coaching business was heavily graduate-focussed (centering on helping graduates enter top-flight gradute programmes). Nik also had a background in recruiting graduates for Masters programmes and in his last role before joining here he also had some hands-on experience in digital marketing. His working background spans Sweden, China and Dubai, as well as the UK.

Nik joined in the early summer of 2012 and together we developed the proposition to recruit graduates to the digital media market on a not-for-profit basis. Nik ran the graduate division here, helping to support graduates and school leavers looking to enter the market. Between us, we also lectured and ran careers workshops at various universities across the UK to drive more students into the digital market.

What’s he doing now?

Nik did a cracking job for us on the graduate front and got us to a point where Dan and I are able to handle the graduate desk alongside our existing roles. He left us in April 2014 to join MEC as Media Talent Acquisition Executive and has since moved across into the parent GroupM to look after student and graduate engagement across the breadth of the group.