*Graduate Jobs Update*

Here he is again, Jonathan. After last week’s hard work he has been a bit tired but with a bit of help he got himself together and found a couple of goodies.

Jonathan our search engine

Experian is looking for a Digital Marketing Executive to join their London team in Optimisation and Conversion (so quite analytical it sounds). They say it’s a graduate calibre role but it seems they would prefer someone with a bit of marketing experience, digital consumer marketing experience and/or E-commerce, and be passionate about the optimisation of websites and online user journeys. For this one you need to apply on LinkedIn, so make sure it is up to scratch. Check it out.

For this one we can’t really tell how much experience you need (good reason for you to give them a ring and introduce yourself). It’s a Digital Marketing Executive role at Jones Lang LaSalle, which looks pretty interesting for someone with a good understanding/knowledge in HTML, Web, Analytics, and Design software. They’re not asking much but ideally you have a digital area of expertise together with superb organisation and analytical skills. Again, LinkedIn is the place to go for this one.

Last but rather the opposite to least, we’d like to get your attention to something quite juicy. Starcom MediaVest UK are looking for eight bright and edgy graduates for their Trainee Executive Scheme 2014. The grad scheme starts in September 2014 with a 12 week rotation programme after which full-time jobs for all eight of you are waiting. They are looking for both analytical/numbers focused grads for the performance team as well as more creative/branding focused ones for the planning/buying/branding team. If you are an analytical/numbers loving grad interested in working across performance media (PPC, affiliate biddable media etc) have a look here and apply through us.

That’s it for this week boys and girls. If you’d like any help with your applications chat to me either on Skype (niklas.nrco) or email me at niklas@neilsrecruitment.co.uk.