The roles in SEO and Content Marketing

SEO’s a pretty broad area these days, and a lot of different people are involved in getting a site to rank properly. This diagram shows the relationships and roles within modern day SEO:

Neil Italian


The restaurant : The website

The RestaurantThe web property itself. A lot of the roles relate to content on the site and the way the site is put together, this is known as on-site (or on-page) SEO. Activity relating to third parties is known as off-site (or off-page) SEO


The waitress : Conversion Optimisation

The Waitress

Ensuring that visitors to the site receive the best service and experience to maximise the chances of conversion. This involves using web analytics to design and run multivariate and A/B tests, and then analysing the results to improve performance.

People in this field normally have some technical skills and a head for numbers, combined with an inquisitive marketing brain. You can find out more about it here (the password is tellmemoreaboutCRO).


The cleaner : on-site SEO

The CleanerEnsuring that the website is clean and tidy and in-line with current search engine algorithms. This will involve looking at the way that a site is coded and put together, looking at the way that different content management systems (CMS) work, helping to analyse competitor activity and put strategies in place.

People on this side tend to be a little more technical and a lot of people come across into this area from backgrounds in web design or computer science.


Restaurant food : on-site content

Restaurant FoodAny content on the website itself – sites are rewarded for producing fresh, unique, relevant content. Especially if this is shared by 3rd party sites.


The chef : content production

ChefOne of the most important roles in the restaurant, and one of the key roles in SEO. Content is king in SEO and producing compelling and sharable (unique, relevant) content content for both on and off-site is essential. The content itself can be anything – from written content to infographics (visual representations of information like our starchart one here) , videos and more.

People in content production come from all sorts of different backgrounds – things like journalism and English can be useful, but you also see people moving in from background in production or graphic design too.


Takeaway food : off-site content

TakeawayIt’s pretty important to get your content out there to encourage people to come to your website and offsite content is an important part of this. Again, this can be any type of content and is designed to encourage a link back to the website.


The delivery driver : content marketing

Delivery DriverContent marketing is about making sure that the maximum value is delivered from the content produced – making sure that the right content is published on the right sites (the most relevant and most authoritative sites) and in front of the right audience. There’s a really close tie to PR and social media here and the role of the content marker is to build relationships with influential publishers and bloggers in the space.

People who are naturally active on social media channels (including Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.) tend to best in this space. This role works best when driven organically and relationship driving is a big part of it.


Takeaway customers : publishers & blogs

Takeaway CustomersThis could be anyone from well known professional publisher sites (national newspapers, magazines and content portals) to obscure hobby blogs. Whatever works best for the content and the advertiser.