The Essence of Digital

Today I popped into Essence for the first time in the brief history of me. The aim was for a quick introduction to the company for me as well as a general catch up. (Find out what this picture is about later.)

Too Smart

Essence are a digital agency with some really exciting clients like Google and Ebay. I will be returning soon with something meatier for you to get your eyes into but I just wanted to share a couple of interesting bits with you.

Firstly on the subject of looking at recruitment slightly differently this was the latest discussion to raise the prospect of employing school leavers. Further to this though it is the first time I have heard of looking at ex-military candidates. The idea being that someone with military experience will be strong in terms of organisation, planning, systems, proactivity and delivery. This seems to me to be killing two birds with one stone. Firstly injecting some good candidates into the market with different but valuable skills and secondly giving ex-military another avenue into rewarding employment.

The other point I wanted to share was that during a Trinny and Susanna moment (What Not to Wear) I asked what the best thing to wear to an interview was. Now I have previously asked this question to another recruiter and she suggested to come suited and booted but these guys had a different opinion. The costume of a digital media hotshot is smart-casual, we’re talking jeans and a shirt kind of vibe, so they suggested that if you can do that then go for it. The main rule to take away if you are struggling though is that it is better to be over-dressed (see above) than under. More brogues than flip-flops, and more shirt and tie than grubby vest and bandana.

Catch up complete it was time to get gone. It had been good to dip my toe into the Essence waters and I will be back to pick their brains in the future.