10 PPC Interview Questions

We asked 100 search hiring mangers what they would ask in a PPC interview and our survey said…

Family Fortunes PPC

Well, more like 7 but if you have a PPC interview coming up, this article is a must read!


Meet the Panel

Throwing their two cents into the pot this time we have (clockwise from top left) Chris, James, Joe, Nathan, Ben, Suzie and Nigel, boasting such roles as Head of Paid Search, Managing Director, an Operations Director, and a couple of Heads of Media. These guys know what they’re talking about!

PPC Faces


What they want to know

Although this sounds obvious (bear with me!) the questions you are asked in interviews are designed to glean information about you. The thing the interviewer wants to know is not always the direct answer to the question. It’s the answer behind the answer.

For example, out of our 7 experts, most of them wanted to know how well the candidate had prepared. To discover how much you researched, crammed and prepared, they will not ask, “How well have you prepared?”.

These are the things they want to know:

  • How interested are you in PPC?
  • How much do you know about PPC?
  • How well have you prepared?
  • How good are you at maths?
  • What’s your personality like?
  • How well do you work with others?
  • How do you approach a challenge?
  • How well do you structure your time?

It is worth bearing this in mind as you answer the questions they will put to you.


What they ask

Each of the experts had their own style. Some of their questions were more direct and some tried to tease the information out gently. Either way I have lovingly collated their answers into the ten most commonly asked questions (plus a cheeky bonus).

  1. What is PPC?
  2. How does it work?
  3. What would you think about when creating ad copy for Google AdWords?
  4. Why do you want to work in Digital Media? (What are your ambitions?)
  5. What’s the most interesting piece of digital advertising news you’ve read recently?
  6. What do you know about our company? (Which of our clients would you most like to work on?)
  7. Who are our competitors?
  8. What does a Paid Search Analyst do on a daily basis?
  9. What is quality score?
  10. Who do you think Google’s biggest rival is and why?

Bonus Question:

11. Why do you think Google AdWords is so effective as an advertising medium, compared to say TV, Press or Online Display Advertising?


Extra tips from the Panel

“The best grads ‘answer the question’ directly and if they don’t know the answer say so.”

“We look for original answers… (and) mainly look for grads that show enterprise”

“Those who do not have any questions about the job description won’t do well.”


Reading this blog and being prepared to answer these questions shall stand you in good stead when it comes to your PPC interview. BUT REMEMBER! This is just a guide taken from the advice of seven people in the market and is by no means a blueprint. Much like Beardyman, be prepared to freestyle, be confident and be yourself.