*Graduate Jobs Update*

Hubble bubble, toil and… jobs? A big welcome back to Jonathan after his winter break (holidaying in Africa of course, seeing his folks) and boy has he come up trunks.

Jonathan our search engine

To kick us off we have this great opportunity to get into the fashion world with Arcadia (Topshop etc). Coming under the title of Online Production Assistant it looks like a fairly broad role and a bit of experience would do you good but overall you need that passion for fashion.

We have another role here with Arcadia and this one seems a bit more analytical. They are looking for a Digital Marketing Assistant and again bit of experience would be handy as well as being able to use Excel.

Appropriately with the January sales in full swing we’re all fashion today as we have found a Web Assistant role at Urban Outfitters. This one is fairly technical and you will need some coding experience.

That’s all of this week, back with more in a few.