PPC it from the other side.

In the wake of my devastatingly popular blog about PPC interviews and the questions you can expect to be asked, I thought it might be good to write a response from the other side. Much like Frankee did when Eamon starting all slagging her off and that, remember?


To that end I asked some ex-grads what questions they were asked in their PPC interviews. Whilst Frankee and Eamon’s efforts were completely pointless, the answers I received from these guys might just give you the edge.

What I was really trying to find out was were there any questions that the hiring managers had held back from me that would catch candidates out and put them on the spot. Let’s see shall we?

Firstly, this term ‘Quality Score‘, find out what it means here and learn it. You will be asked this.

Some questions may not seem directly PPC related but do not be fooled. One of our ex-grads was asked whether they had done any creative writing before because in a PPC role you will be writing ad copy.

It’s advisable to have an overview of the market structure so when you’re asked ‘What is an advertising company and a media agency? What do they do and how do they work together?’ you are ready with the answer.

Here’s one that took one of our guys by surprise: ‘If you won £1million, what would you do with it?’ My advice would be that this comes under the category of subjective. I doubt it’s necessary to claim you would start a business and turn it into £10million with an incredible PPC campaign. Rather I would try to demonstrate a passion for something (and it wouldn’t hurt if that happened to align with digital!).

Equally off topic but perhaps spinnable from your perspective is the question, ‘Who inspires you and why?’ Again, maybe avoid blurting out Steve Jobs, but if you’re racking your brains, I doubt picking someone in the market would hurt your chances.

I think the message here is to remember that although you will have boned up on all the ins and outs of PPC don’t forget that this is an interview and to keep the traditional skills sharp.

Hopefully that helps guys but if you think it was a load of rubbish, feel free to write a response, much like Marina and the Diamonds did here!

Marina and the Diamonds‘ cover of Justin Bieber‘s “Boyfriend” (2012) is an answer song to the original tune, the lyrics adapted to give it a female perspective.

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