Transfer Deadline Day

Tempted to go for the big money move in January or should you stick it out and move at the end of the season? Translated into recruitment terms, we are often contacted by people looking to move on, having only been in their current role a short time. The reasons behind this are usually the desire for turbo-charged progression and increased money but is this really available and can staying loyal to the job actually be more beneficial?


Firstly it has to be said that in the digital media market, moving roles can be a quick way to  upgrade your job title as well as your pay packet but importantly it isn’t always as rosy as it seems.

Money is not everything. If you are happy in the job you are in, find it rewarding, challenging and manageable, you may have cracked it. Is moving roles for more money worth the possible sacrifice of free time, the move away from hands-on operations and taking on more stress and responsibility? That’s up to you.

Moving for a step up in title can also be a tricky one. Be sure to consider the size of the company you are moving from and to. If you move from a large digital agency to a small brand you will quickly find that although you’re now Head of Media Systems, you may be going back to reporting because there’s no one else to do it for you.

The other thing to be aware of with job titles is that they vary from company to company. So you’ve nabbed an Account Executive role in a new company but you may find yourself with just as much or less responsibility than in your previous company.

So these are the pitfalls but what of the benefits of staying with your company? Well firstly, a bit of loyalty and commitment is never a bad thing. If you show you are willing to stay somewhere for three or four years, when it does come to moving on, your potential employer will see that you are not a serial job hopper looking to leave at the first opportunity.

Sticking around also gives you the opportunity to carve out your niche. Once you have proved yourself and built up a reputation for being reliable and savvy you will be given a bit more licence to move around the business, innovate, and give opinions.

Undoubtedly you can speed up progression by making smart moves at the right time but that doesn’t necessarily mean as many moves as fast as possible. Much like good comedy, it’s all about the timing, so make sure you have considered all your options and make the move that is right for you.