Guest Who?

Have you heard the phrase ‘straight from the horses mouth’?

I know that sometimes you guys don’t want my hilarious witticisms clouding up the raw information and cold hard opinion I squeeze out of my friends in the market.

Also, as Senior Chief Head of Content at Neil’s Recruitment Company I am fed up of working my fingers literally (not literally) to the bone. That’s why we are opening up our blog to invited guests.


If you have something you think would add value to our site or are simply itching to share an opinion (and get a cheeky link) all you need to do is get in touch. Recent posts we have shared have described what working in Paid Social consists of, the experience and benefits of taking the Online Squared course and a couple of great infographics (see them here).

So do please get in touch with me by sending an email to and make me an offer I can’t refuse (I’ve just started watching The Sopranos).


It was Bill – right?