Neil’s off to Australia

That’s not a Digital Media Market, this is a Digital Media Market.

Dan informs me that the technical term for what Neil is doing is ‘wimping out’. The first hint of a deadly storm and off he flies to Australia to sun himself.

This is not true.

It is true though that over the last few years the thought of starting a new job and a new life in the sunnier climes of Australia has become increasingly popular. And why not? It’s sunny all day every day, houses with swimming pools are dirt cheap, jobs are plentiful and Australian employers are crying out for more of us super smart Brits. Aren’t they?

Neil Dundee

Last year I spoke to our Australian partners Nuclei about whether any of these assumptions were actually true and their response didn’t quite correlate (read that response here).

Here at Neil’s Recruitment we always like a second opinion and it’s even better if that second opinion is Neil’s opinion! So for the duration of March, Neil will be our man on the ground in the land down under and GET THIS he will be blogging about everything he discovers, busting the myths and blowing apart the old wives’ tales.

The current list of questions Neil hopes to answer are as follows:

The Market

How do agencies compare to the UK?

How savvy are clients compared?

What’s the competition like from Australian nationals and other overseas candidates?

Why is there an appetite to recruit from the UK?

How long will the window stay open for?

What’s the client side market like out there?

Can you get a more senior role by moving to Australia?


How much are you worth in the Australian market?

How much do you need to earn to have a reasonable lifestyle in Sydney?


How easy is it to gain sponsorship?

How much experience do you need to get sponsorship?

What’s the actual process of getting sponsorship?

The Process

How do you interview for roles out there?

How quickly do you need to be able to move out there?

Will companies pay for your flights?

Coming back to the UK

How easy is it to move back from the Australian market?

Will you need to take a pay drop to come back?

The Lifestyle

What’s it like living and working in Sydney?

What are property prices like?

What’s the lifestyle like?


Any other questions that you would like answered please let us know and Neil will do his best to find the answer.