The Essence of Planning & Buying

As I was writing the title for this blog post Neil sighed and said “Oh, he loves that pun”. What I say to that is if it ain’t broke don’t change the pun.


You may want to ask why it’s a pun. The reason is that Neil and I have just hot-footed it back from digital agency, Essence where we were chatting to Jason who will be taking our next free training session on Tuesday 25th February at 1pm.

Essence have some really exciting clients and Jason works directly on Mobile for Google but most prominently is the Senior Planner for Ebay. Jason is going to give us a 101 on Planning & Buying – how campaigns are briefed, how agencies respond and then answer any questions you may have at the end.

This is going to be an absolute cracker so when Tuesday rolls around just click here and follow the instructions. (You will need the password so to get that in advance you can email us anytime.)