Ameri… Australia, the land of opportunity.

Moving to Australia may be good for your tan line, your work-life balance and perhaps even your bank balance, but what does it do for your digital marketing career?

It sounded like the best thing to do was to grab a beer with Grant Baxter, Head of Digital Strategy at Resolution Media Australia and find out for myself.  Too easy mate.*


Grant took the brave step of moving to Sydney, having never set foot in Australia before. That was nearly three years ago now. Before moving here from the UK, his background was in SEO and his initial role here was to lead SEO for OMD Australia, working closely with our friend Dan Robins.

Just over six months ago, Grant was given the opportunity to move into the strategy team, and into a more holistic position across the breadth of digital. His role now is focussed on using data, analytics and attribution to feed marketing strategy. Like Dan, Grant agreed that some of the work they’re doing is about as progressive as anything he’d worked on before.

So how did this happen?

“A lot of it comes down to the clients” he says, “The appetite is there from the clients, and the desire for an holistic view across digital”. This creates opportunity for people like Grant.

It’s important to note that Grant didn’t move straight into this position – he earned his stripes and proved his ability by doing a similar role to the one he left in the UK. It’s a skill-short market in Sydney, and good companies are prepared to invest in their people rather than lose them. The conditions are right to welcome innovation – the client knowledge and appetite is there and the budgets are there. If you’re enterprising and entrepreneurial, you could be in luck.

UK experience is valued here and Grant puts some of his success in Sydney down to his experience working in London – “London’s a tough market. If you can thrive there and cope with the pace and pressures, you have every chance of making an impact in Australia”. He emphasised the fact that the market is developing at pace and the extent of the demand for UK talent is likely to reduce in the nearish future.

So what’s the recipe for success out here?

  1. Get out here sooner rather than later
  2. Make an effort to understand the intricacies of the market- it’s unique
  3. Walk before you run
  4. Show initiative and look for opportunities – there is an appetite for innovation
  5. Make sure there’s a commercial outcome

Much like the UK, it seems it all comes down to having the right attitude and the right skills – it’s just a greener field over here.

* I’ve been working on my Australian diction