Australian eCommerce – has potential, but must try harder. C+ (see me after class)

I’d learned from David that despite the enormous potential in the Australian eCommerce market, there is still intentional underinvestment from retailers. Right now, 51 cents from every dollar spent on eCommerce in Australia goes overseas.

Last Boxing Day, the website of Australia’s biggest retailer Myer crashed. For eight days. Fortunately this was a low concern for the company director, who stated that it was only responsible for about 1% of revenues. This is representative of the attitude of a lot of the major retailers here.

But with major retailers like Amazon, Next, ASOS and H&M entering the scene, are there signs that things are changing?


I needed to speak to speak to some experts to get to the bottom of this, so arranged to meet Jon Roberts – former Managing Director of Columbus Search and currently Managing Director of Croud Australia and Daniel Wright, the Head of Marketing for Groupon in Australia and New Zealand.

The question was simple – could Australia do better?


Jon RobertsJon Roberts

Managing Director, Croud Australia

I had a coffee with Jon to discuss his predictions for the Australian eCommerce market and what retailers need to do to future-proof themselves.

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Dan WrightDaniel Wright

Head of Marketing, Groupon Australia & NZ

I grabbed a beer with Daniel to talk about overseas investment in the Australian eCommerce market and what this means for the existing retailers in Australia.

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One way or another, it looks like Australian eCommerce is on the cusp on the change. Increased competition can only be a good thing for consumers and will surely pave the way for investment in digital marketing.