Don’t You Know Who I Am? – Adam (Display)

Today it’s Adam’s turn to be grilled by the DYKWIA questions. He has also agreed that if anyone can work out where he is by the reflection in his sunglasses you get to keep them. Answers on a postcard.


Which digital discipline do you work in?

Display & Mobile campaign inc. traffic management & reporting.

What did you study at university (or school) that led you to digital?

Marketing, Advertising & PR.

Anything you wish you’d studied that would have helped?

I would have chosen more digitally focused marketing assignments.

What do you most look forward to doing in your day?

Working with brand new marketing channels.

What do you not look forward to?

Technology failures affecting campaign performance.

In the next five years, what will be the biggest change in digital?

I think mobile will greatly advance and there will be increased emphasis on multi-screen attribution.

Name your favourite digital blog (aside from Neil’s Recruitment)?

Not a traditional blog but exchangewire is great for posting thoughts and news from industry professionals.

Favourite Excel tool?

VLookup – great for matching active campaigns with lifetime analysis.

What is the most satisfying part of the job?

When you test a new campaign.