Don’t You Know Who I Am? – Tim (RTB)

It’s DYKWIA time! This week we hear from our friend Tim.

DYKWIA Tim copy

Which digital discipline do you work in?

What did you study at university (or school) that led you to digital?

Nothing. I did a physics masters which drove me away from academia, as opposed to leading me to digital. I was just always excited by digital so thought I’d pursue a career in it.
Anything you wish you’d studied that would have helped?
Wish I’d studied business man/accounting so I knew both sides of the business. But in terms of digital it’s just about constantly reading everything you can get your hands on.
What do you most look forward to doing in your day?
Nowadays I look forward to trying to shake it up a bit. But also creative stuff like exploring what new tech can be used in new briefs etc.
What do you not look forward to?
In the next five years, what will be the biggest change in digital?
I suppose the biggest change will be in OOH. Digital/programmtic OOH will be Minority Report-esq!
Name your favourite digital blog (aside from Neil’s Recruitment)?
Favourite Excel tool?
PIVOT (said like this)
What is the most satisfying part of the job?
Right now I’m all about having fun so it’s satisfying to be able to do cool stuff like trialling Google Glass, getting taken to football games and out for food. But in the workplace I love meeting people, collaborating and being able to be a bit creative.