I love you… But not that much.

The Australian market is reliant on UK digital experience. They love us over there – they need us.

Before I came over here for myself, I thought that was the case too. I’ve been over here for less than a week so far, but I’m already starting to build up a pretty different picture…

They do love us, it’s true – but not that much.

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In London, we’re proud to boast the strongest concentrated digital marketing hub in the world. There’s nowhere else with such a wealth of talent and there’s huge value in experience working in that market – the scale and complexity of clients, the pace.

But let’s not forget…

There are good people in the Australian market – Australian nationals. More to the point – these people are mobile too. They don’t need to give notice on their flat, sell their car or wait for their partner to find a job before they can start work. When it comes to resource, the same challenges exist in Australia as in the UK, so having someone available to start sooner is a real advantage.

It also costs time and money to bring on an overseas employee – sponsorship often costs anywhere between $3-5k and the interview process is simply easier with someone who’s already in the country.

So what does this mean for you?

Well it’s a simple balancing act – the desire for your skills and experience versus the fact that it’s much easier to recruit good people who are already in the country. And that makes you even stevens.

There’s a perception in the UK that Australian employers will pay a premium for UK experience and it’s just not the case. Once you move onto the 457 visa, you’ve already got a price over your head. Despite the wives’ tales, you won’t get a massive pay rise simply because you have UK experience.

It also means that relocation packages are very much the exception rather than the rule – it’ll sometimes happen with especially senior candidates, or those who are coming over with families. The general mantra is that if you decide to come here then it’s your responsibility to make sure you can afford to do so!