Tall stories in the Australian market

I’d learned from Stuart that there are some benefits to learning from the UK market but I wanted to find out if the Australian market really was stuck in the past. Standing a fraction under 7 foot tall (212 cm for any Australians reading), Dan Robins, Head of Performance for OMD Australia was up to the challenge.

Dan Robins

Dan came over to work in Sydney about 14 months ago – I knew him from his time in the UK where he headed the Paid Search team at Carat.

Dan recently moved across from his role as Head of Search for OMD Australia to head a new team, largely centred around one of the agencies largest and most sophisticated clients (an out-and-out Australian company it’s worth adding). A decent focus of this is in establishing and running and independent agency-side trading desk for the client, focussed largely on protection of data and full transparency on business operations.

Although some steps have been taken towards this, the establishment of a brand trading desk within an operating agency in a media network is something we’ve yet to see in the UK. We’re still in a market where non-disclosed fee models and pooling client data are part and parcel. Advertisers are getting more savvy when it comes to the RTB market and there are demands for greater transparency from network trading desks, but we’re not there. Yet. This sounded pretty interesting.

“It’s the most progressive client I’ve ever worked on” says Dan “It’s mainly down to the way they use first party data and the constant innovation in the business and in collaboration with OMD as a partner”. It’ll help that the company is one of the biggest companies in their field, boasting 14 million of Australia’s 20 million population as customers.

Limitations are solely down to the quality of inventory available – at the moment, most publishers are releasing remnant inventory rather than more premium formats, but the way that data and technology are used is up there with the most advanced UK client.

“Working here has definitely changed my perception of what working in media is like”, Dan adds and it doesn’t look like he’s heading back to London any time soon..