Want to move Oz? Better read this.

If you don’t know where Neil’s been for the last few weeks you must have been living under Ayers Rock. Answer? Australia, he’s been to Australia.

There is a growing desire from digital types to ‘up sticks’ and start a life in Australia. This is certainly an achievable goal but we’ve found it can be difficult to get accurate information about things like logistics, the state of the market, desire for UK candidates, what you can expect to earn and much more.

So off Neil popped to Sydney and not only did he find the answer to all these questions, he noted them down in this, frankly, fantastic blog. If you are considering a move or even just fancy finding out a bit more about what it takes then this is a must read.

It’s part of an upcoming series of “Revealed” blogs where we aim to lift the lid on the reality of certain aspects of the digital market. So keep your eyes peeled, soon we will be bringing to you the truth about moving in-house and the realities of working in the digital world outside of London.

For now though, ever wondered how the working culture differs in Australia? Find out here.