Don’t You Know Who I Am? – Chris (Client Services)

‘It’s been a while’ said 90s pop-rock group, Staind. What they didn’t say was ‘sorry for missing a week, here’s this the latest DYKWIA from Chris!’


Which digital discipline do you work in?

Client services across all digital channels

What did you study at university (or school) that led you to digital?

Er… English Literature. Sorry but I am not a big believer in formal qualifications. Give me a capable, curious and enthusiastic brain over a degree anytime.

Anything you wish you’d studied that would have helped?

I wish I had made time to study HTML and basic coding more back in my website building days. Understanding how things are built is the only way to know how far you can bend them.

What do you most look forward to doing in your day?

The hour commute in the morning and evening hoovering up the latest news and articles via Twitter and RSS

What do you not look forward to?

Chancing my luck on the trains navigating the landslips and replacement buses on the way home.

In the next five years, what will be the biggest change in digital?

Brands will have access to so much data about people that their problem will be finding the most appropriate, compelling and authentic thing to say to them and, more importantly, when to keep silent.

Name your favourite digital blog (aside from Neil’s Recruitment)?

Here’s 3:

Six Pixels of Separation – a phenomenal podcast and a blog from Mitch Joel – for the latest in programmatic – for the coming CRM revolution

Favourite Excel tool?

Data planners who do a much better job than I ever did myself!

What is the most satisfying part of the job?

Helping other people in the team do theirs.