Don’t You Know Who I Am – Jeremy (SEO)

Back in the SEO sphere this week with man about town, Jeremy. He’s a bit of a maverick a lot of an expert and the star of this week’s DYKWIA.


Which digital discipline do you work in?

SEO (also have PPC experience).

What did you study at university (or school) that led you to digital?

I studied sociology, interested in the quantitative social data analysis work.

Anything you wish you’d studied that would have helped?


What do you most look forward to doing in your day?

Creative brainstorming sessions.

What do you not look forward to?

Organising billing.

In the next five years, what will be the biggest change in digital?

The movement and increasing commercialisation of all online traffic.

Name your favourite digital blog (aside from Neil’s Recruitment)?

Favourite Excel tool?

Neils Bosma’s Excel Plugin.

What is the most satisfying part of the job?

Reporting (if it’s going well).