Don’t You Know Who I Am? – Laricea (Display)

Leading the line for DYKWIA this week is Laricea, a passionate Digital ambassador working in Display. Get stuck in!
DYKWIA Laricea

Which digital discipline do you work in?

Initially I worked in Search, followed by a bit of Social and now Display

What did you study at university (or school) that led you to digital?

I didn’t study Digital at Uni, but I was really passionate about it so I kept reading about stuff on my own and decided that’s the industry I want to work in.

Anything you wish you’d studied that would have helped?

Yes, I wish I had studied Digital/Online Advertising at Uni.

What do you most look forward to doing in your day?

Strategy presentations and getting in touch with clients to report back on performance.

What do you not look forward to?

Doing the reports, but fortunately I’m not doing this myself anymore :)

In the next five years, what will be the biggest change in digital?

I think the way we buy media online. Everything seems to be moving towards programmatic buying, ad exchanges and DSPs. Also how we consume media is going to change a lot!

Name your favourite digital blog (aside from Neil’s Recruitment)?

I really like Digitalbuzz and Brand Republic.

Favourite Excel tool?

I hate Excel :) But vlookups are pretty clever and useful.

What is the most satisfying part of the job?

When a new test works and very senior people at Google congratulate me! Plus I get to learn new things :)