*Graduate Jobs Update*

Good morning Vietnaaaam, or wherever it is you live. Got a load of jobs here for you.


Kicking off with this little diamond, Vashi (they deal in diamonds) are looking for a German speaking SEO, PR and Search Marketing Assistant. The immediate attraction of this role is that it’s fairly broad so you’ll be getting a well rounded digital introduction. Will you get free diamonds? I dunno.

Maxymiser, a digital optimisation agency, are on the hunt for a Digital Optimisation Analyst. Who’d a thunk it? In all seriousness Maxymiser are a great company, growing very quickly and for this role you’re going to need to be a bit of a maths whizz as it’s heavily analytical.

Looking to get into Social Media? This could be a great opportunity to do just that. Bravo Brazil, a charity focused on helping young people in Brazil, are after a willing bunch of social media interns. All you need for this is a degree and a basic familiarity with social media networks – bit of Photoshop experience would be helpful as well.

Here’s an exciting one. Who likes, The Little Mermaid? Lion King? Wall-E? Disney are hiring. They need a Digital Analytics Intern who will be trained up over 12 months in one of the most exciting and diverse companies out there. You’ll need to have some sort of mathematical background and demonstrate an interest in business.

Finally but no less exciting we have another 12 month paid internship, this time at Channel 4. As a Digital Assistant Intern you will be involved in website maintenance, content creation and analytics. Again this is pretty broad – you’ll learn a lot – all you need is a passion for digital and pop culture.


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