The Facts of (in-house) Life

“Money don’t make my world go round,” sang David Brent. Whilst he had a point, it often helps.

Those of you keeping a keen eye on our in-house FAQ will note that most of your burning questions have been answered, succinctly. There’s just one glaring omission:

What am I going to earn?

Well the wait is over because we surveyed over 20 people who have made the move in-house asking them to provide details of the change in their salary. Then we made this lovely graph.

Salary Graph coffee

As connoisseurs of the digital market we were genuinely interested in the results and this is what we learned:


Notably, two people we surveyed took pay-cuts to make their dream move and one person moved for the same money. This echoes what many of our interviewees advised: move for the values of the company.

Account Directors can expect the biggest pay increase when moving in-house and poor old Executives can expect the smallest. Interestingly, AD level is optimum as those that moved at a Head Of level received a smaller increase when moving in-house.

The majority of people we surveyed worked in either PPC or SEO and the average increase in these were pretty similar but the biggest increases in salary came from those working outside of these disciplines.


That’s about it from us – it is of course important to note that as a general rule pay will increase anyway when moving jobs.

Remember, if anyone likes the sound of this moving in-house lark, we’re here to help so just drop us a line.