Guest Blog – Find A Job With Ric Rodriguez’s Must-Dos

Hello all, it’s time to hear from another one of Neil’s Recruitment’s happy customers. ‘Ric Rod’ is a lovely chap with boundless enthusiasm, a penchant for exclamation marks and some good advice.

Ric Rodri

Anyone looking to make a start in digital marketing can probably learn a thing or two from reading his five simple tips.

For those of you that like tips, here’s a few Krupa Patel found useful. For now, over to Ric.


The 5 (Really Simple) Must-Do’s For All Grads Wanting A Job In Digital Acquisition Marketing…

by Ric Rodriguez

Hi all! My name is Ric Rodriguez, and I’m about to start work as a junior digital promotions analyst at a really well known digital marketing agency in the capital, working with clients such as Coca-Cola and Reed.

Working with Neil has taught me a hell of a lot. You see, coming out of university, you probably think you know what’s going to happen – perhaps you’ve done a bit of research into the sort of career you want to go into, or know exactly what you’re after… well, if you do, you’re lucky! I certainly didn’t, and I spent ten months, constantly frustrated, being pushed from recruitment agency to recruitment agency, from sales role to… well… yet another recruitment agency. I’ve always had a passion and love for digital marketing, but the fact was clear – though my CV was pretty strong and I was getting to quite a few final stage interviews, I wasn’t ever meeting with success or when I did, it was never for the kinds of roles I wanted!


Well, while my CV showed experience above most of my peers, it wasn’t always relevant. You see, when writing our CV, most of us tend to think about what we’d like employers to see but not what they actually ‘want’ to see. For example, I was involved with a fashion start up – my role was as an Outreach Manager, which meant I was responsible for all inbound links from blogs, PR work and social media. I was also an investor and it was this fact that I was playing up more than anything else. I thought my employers would share in pride, and while most agreed it was a pretty cool thing to do, the roles I was applying for didn’t want an ‘investor’, they wanted a digital marketer, and so it’s unsurprising I wasn’t very successful!

So, anyway, here’s what I did, and I’ll keep this short and sweet for all you tl;drs out there but these are, frankly, essential rules/must-dos/things to make you stand out, that genuinely helped me secure my ideal role!

Number One: Keep it relevant

As I’ve mentioned, employers like you to have experience, but if it’s not relevant, it’s not doing you any favours – I mean, it’s great to have that you’ve worked in a shop while at uni, but push it down the CV or, actually remove it altogether. It’s perfectly okay to have a ‘relevant experience’ and ‘other experience’ as separate titles on your CV.

Number Two: Education is pretty important

You’ve worked hard for your degree – you’re proud of it – so show it off! As Neil told me, a lot of recruiters/employers get hundreds of applications for a role and have to ‘screen’ the most likely candidates quickly. The first thing usually looked at is your education – degree, school, a-levels – so make their lives easier, and bump it up the list!

Number Three: Specialise

Digital Marketing is a HUGE world, with loads of sub-categories and sub-sub categories. Take my specialisation – outreach and link-building – which is all part of off-site SEO, which is all part of SEO, which is part of digital acquisition marketing and so on. By specialising, you’re removing a lot of the competition, because you’re tailoring your knowledge, experience and skills to that particular role, making you far more likely to get it, against someone that’s ‘generally into digital marketing’, and the number of specialists is also, usually a lot smaller!

Number Four: Read, research, digest

Show your prospective employer that you’re really passionate about digital marketing by reading around the subject. Neil has a list of some really cool blogs, that will look amazing on your CV, if you can say you’re regularly up-to-date, alongside some great videos as introductions to the different areas of Digital Acquisition Marketing. And if you’re stuck with where to start, I recommend SEOMoz’s Whiteboard Friday on YouTube with Rand Fishkin – trust me, you’ll be hooked from the get-go!

Number Five: Know yourself and your limitations

Fact is, at some point you’re going to have to go for an interview. If you don’t know something, don’t blag it. Seriously, most junior roles are there to teach you, so if there’s something that’s slipped your mind from your preparation, don’t ‘wing it’, but say so, and use it as an opportunity to show how much you want to learn, how passionate you are and that you can listen and take on advice!

By following these points, I landed a really awesome role within two weeks of working with Neil, but it didn’t just fall into my lap – and to close, I’ve got one last ‘bonus’ piece of advice, that I think is, actually, the most important thing to keep in mind throughout the job-hunting process and in digital marketing as a whole: be proactive. The Digital Marketing world is constantly changing, and the quicker you get out there and experience it, the more you’ll get out of it. No one is going to do it for you; if you want to know something, you have to get out there and find it out for yourself! But trust me, every second of hard work you put in is worth it!

Good luck, and if you want to ask me a question about any of this or my experiences, feel free to tweet me at @RicRodriguez_UK or connect with me on LinkedIn


Great stuff, thanks Ric.