World Cup Round-up with NRCo

What some of you might not know is that working for a good recruiter means that every so often you need to write an irreverent review of world sporting events, of which, I think we can all agree, there simply aren’t enough. So here it is, the NRCo World Cup Round-up.

Ok, time for the big news, Luis Suarez has bitten someone, right on the neck. I’m putting it out there, for me it’s not so much of a big deal but the powers that be have banned the poor lad for four months. If every entertaining person on our TV screens was banned for biting someone THERE WOULD BE NO WALKING DEAD. I love the Walking Dead. I don’t expect millionaire geniuses to be well behaved. I say stay unhinged and stay interesting, bite everyone you can.

Luis Suarez NRCo

Moving on. Having performed exactly how the majority of the country expected them to, (except for about ten minutes before kick-off in each game – “Guys, I think we might win this, I’ve just got a feeling!”) the England team returned home this week with their tails between their legs just in time for the start of Wimbledon. This is good for me because I like my disappointment to come in pairs.

Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar have all scored goals.

The other story I’ve enjoyed from this World Cup so far was when some naughty people snuck into the Croatia camp and took some naughty photos of some naughty Croats. Well the Croats weren’t naughty but they were naked. Sure this is a pretty terrible invasion of privacy but my problem is the thought process of the photographers – how much do you think you’re going to get for a naked photo of Vedran Corluka?

And finally a quick word about the NRCo sweepstake. We gave all our recently placed candidates a team using a random generator and entered them automatically into our World Cup Sweepstake. There are some pretty great prizes are on offer which include, Apple TV and a meal for two at Cabana. Group stages done, things are hotting up, I’m very excited.

Over and out.