The Gang goes to see Niklas

Some of you may remember our recently departed Swede, Niklas. We loved having him at Neil’s Recruitment and quite frankly we just don’t see enough of him anymore since his move to Group M. So, as the old saying goes, if Mohammed won’t come to the mountain then… go and see him because the mountain… you get the picture.

The Gang at Group M

Niklas now splits his time between MEC and Group M and as you can see from his almost-smile, he’s getting on very well indeed.

These are two really exciting agencies that are going from strength to strength. MEC is Niklas’ main focus and is becoming a very popular place to move. According to Niklas it ticks the two boxes of having great people and great clients but I would say that’s more of a prerequisite than a bonus when you’re looking for a place to work.

No, one of the things that makes MEC different (and the reason a lot of people want to work there) is the way the digital planning teams are set up. The planning teams plan activity across the breadth of digital including paid, owned and earned, rather than focusing exclusively on planning display. These are split into DR and brand and into planning and activation (buying) teams (the activation teams work across digital and press to mirror the set-ups at media owners).

We can discuss this further another time but today’s trip was all about seeing our pal Niklas and it’s great to see that our favourite Swede* went to a good home.

*here’s the complete list of our favourite Swedes:

  1. Niklas
  2. Zlatan
  3. Sven/Ulrika
  4. Limpar
  5. ABBA (various)