Dipesh mode – why it pays to talk in digital media

Put yourself in Dipesh mode.

“He doesn’t even know about GDN,” Dipesh spluttered gleefully. Neil laughed too, at my expense. This wasn’t the first time I had been on the end of digital bullying. One time on YouTube someone said one of my standup videos wasn’t funny. At least this time people were laughing.

Dipesh mode

Google Display Network (in your face Dipesh) and my personal failings aside, I had gone to meet Dipesh Shah, another sharp cookie who has left agency life for a role at an innovative startup. I wanted to know if he had any top tips for securing that move to a startup and whether life is as rosy as he expected.

What’s the big idea?

Dipesh works for a smart little startup called Data Translators. True to their name, Dipesh and co help to make sense of the data a company collects and then organises a digital strategy that attempts to avoid using expensive tech. Dipesh is an artisan of Google Analytics or Universal Analytics and a big believer in innovating with freely available technology to form progressive methods for capturing data and targeting users.

Why did you make the leap from agency to startup?

Our man Dipesh spent almost four years working at the media agency, PhD. “I loved working at PhD, the people were great and I miss them but I wanted to move to a startup.” Dipesh is an inquisitive chap and bursting with innovative ideas. At PhD he began speaking to the data scientists and the analytics team where he developed a clever analytics package.  “I spent two years trying but couldn’t convince those internally to use the package, meaning I didn’t get the right clients or budget to work with.” Dipesh was desperate to start putting his plans into action, so this being the case, he was off to a startup.

Any tips on how to enter the startup world?

Here’s where we find out what ‘being in Dipesh mode’ actually means. Dipesh talks. “I started going to every digital conference, breakfast and event in the calendar – I networked and talked to people and eventually met the founder of Data Translators.” Working at a startup means working independently and showing a passion for the business – where better to meet like-minded people than at such events. Dipesh’s top recommendations from the digital events calender are Brighton SEO, Measure Camp, Measure Fest and Web Analytics Wednesday.

Is life at a startup as rosy as you hoped?

“It’s great. Now I have an idea, I do it, I can see how it benefits my clients and it’s very satisfying.” He also likes the freedom and flexibility that comes with the territory but also realises that it is a lot of hard work and likens to working in a startup to being an agile and resourceful boxer.

The downside for Dipesh is that he misses working with a team of great people to have “office banter” with and bounce ideas off. This is neutralised slightly though because he now deals far more directly with his clients and he’s relishing being more involved in the business side of things where he’s picking up a useful new skillset.


A keen talker (and as it turns out, a keen photographer) Dipesh had provided an informative and entertaining chat but our time was up, or so I thought. In fact Dipesh used some of the freedom that comes with flexible startup hours to come back to the NRCo office for a chat with Neil (this is where the conversation featured at the top took place). It was clear Dipesh operated successfully under the old addage: “it pays to talk”.