The Digital Career Evolution: 1 – Learn & Grow

You have your shiny new degree and you’ve heard digital marketing’s where it’s at… you’ve heard right!  It’s a great market but can be tricky to tell agencies apart (here’s the proof).

At this stage in your career, it’s often important to prioritise learning and development, so we’ve put together some points to help you evaluate your potential employers during the interview process.

The Interviewer

Make sure you buy into the person interviewing you. This is important as they’ll most likely be the one training you.  Ask about their management style, hands-on is probably best in your first year.

Ask about their greatest management achievement, it’ll be a good indication of who’s wing your going under.

Education, Education, Education

This is the important one, you’ll want a structured training program and one that develops with you, so don’t be afraid to ask if if they can talk you through theirs. Even better, try and speak with the team about their training & development.

What courses do they provide and how will they support theory with practical experience? It’s normal for most training to be on the job, so how do they support this?

Get them to talk you through a typical day or week, what you’ll likely get your hands dirty doing, hopefully it’ll get you excited.

Ask about their client list and how long they’ve had them, long-term clients are more likely to have the sort of relationship where they trust their agency and let them (and you) try new things.

Moving On Up

Once you’ve learned the basics, it’s important to know what the next step should be there, so ask about team structure, promotion opportunities and staff retention (it’s a good indicator).

Why did they join and what’s keeping them there? Here’s where you get to read into some body language too!

Soak it up

When it comes to learning, be a sponge – soak up everything you can. There’s no such thing as a bad question; except for when you ask it for the third time… everyone makes mistakes, learn from them, listen to advice and don’t make the same ones twice!
A good ice breaker is to ask what they got wrong when they first started out.

Once your first year is out the way it’s time to focus on Experience & Money, Neil will be looking at this next week.