The Digital Career Evolution

I asked my mum for socks for my birthday again last year.

You can never have enough socks, so I was happy with them. If my mum had given me socks for my 10th birthday, I dare say it would have been a different story (I wanted a Turtles action figure – ideally Donatello, but I’d have settled for Michelangelo).

Our priorities change as we get older. It’s a bit like this with our careers.


What’s important to us in a new role changes as we gain experience, and as we get older. In our next short series of blog posts, we’re going to take a look at each stage and give our insight to help you make the right move.

We’ve broken it down into 4 main stages:

Stage 1: Learn & Grow

Where you’re just starting out – your first role in digital. Salaries tend to be roughly the same across the board so the most importing thing is to find a supportive environment where you have maximum opportunity to learn.

In this blog, we’ll look at some questions you can ask to evaluate your employer to make sure you’re starting your career on the best possible foot.

Stage 2: Experience & Money

This normally happens at around 1-2 years. Most people at this stage are still paid roughly what they were paid as a fresh graduate – most likely living at home or scraping by on London. Money starts to become a real factor and the temptation to move is great because as soon as you hit the one year mark you find yourself on the hit list for a lot of employers and recruitment agencies.

If you’re otherwise happy in your current job, this can create something of an impasse. In this blog we’ll look at some practical tips to ensure that you’re paid fairly by your current company and ensure that if you decide to move, you’re moving for reasons beyond money.

Stage 3: Influence, Leadership & Status

Once they’ve mastered their specialist digital marketing discipline, people often want to move into a position where they can take lead of a team and have more influence in the business. Broadening skills beyond a single marketing discipline is also very popular at this stage – a desire to keep learning. For that reason, this is also a popular time to move in-house – to increase focus and gain exposure to a greater breadth.

In this blog we’ll have a look at the options available to you and what you should consider when looking to gain more influence and exposure.

Stage 4: Work/life Balance

At some stage in your career, things outside of work will probably change. Perhaps you’ll be married, you may have children. If you own a house and have your finances under control, it may be that you care less about earning more money and more about working less to get it. In short, work/life balance becomes an important factor.

In our final blog in this series, we’ll look at your options here – from moving in-house to going freelance and beyond.