Stage 3: Influence, Leadership & Status

Last week, we talked about maximising your learning and gaining as much as experience and exposure as possible on your journey to become an expert. But what you do when you get there?

Once they’ve learned the digital marketing ropes, many people reach a point where they want more influence & ownership, and there are a numbers of ways they can find it.

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Take the lead

Those who can… teach!

Taking the reins of a team is a good way to pass on what you’ve learned as well as moving away from the day to day operations of the business. By moving towards a position with P&L ownership, it’ll also give you the scope to start making bigger decisions and having more influence in your role.

Move in-house

Gaining more control and more influence is probably the number one reason our candidates give us for wanting to move in-house. The common feeling is that agencies struggle to have the level of influence required to make a real difference to a client’s marketing strategy and that the solution is to move in-house.

We’d caveat that moving in-house won’t necessarily achieve this on its own (have a look at our earlier blog on making the right in-house move for more on that), but it’s certainly a logical step.

Invest in a start-up or a smaller business

As we explored in our earlier blog series, another popular option is to invest your skills in a younger business. Start-ups tend to be smaller and more agile, you’ll get exposed to a lot more almost by default and your decisions will have a direct impact on how the business performs.

Steer your own ship

Yep – we’ve got a blog for that one too. Stepping out and setting up as a freelancer or establishing your own business is a move which favours the brave and the bold, and it’s becoming more and more popular. Going solo is the ultimate way to gain more influence, but you’re still at the mercy of your clients!