About us

We’re like a pea (we’re small and green).

Every recruitment company says they’re different, but we’re different. Honest.

Here are a few reasons why:

By recommendation only.

We’re a small business and we just can’t work with everybody, so we tend to work by recommendation only. It’s why you won’t find a phone number or email address for us on this site.

Exclusive clients.

We tend to work as sole recruitment agency, so we don’t work with the usual agency suspects (you know the ones). Over the years, we’ve weaned off our agency client base as the market has pulled us towards helping companies build out best-in-class digital performance teams in-house and at technology companies. We’ve got pretty good at it and have learned a lot about the in-house market along the way. View some of our past and present clients here.

Breadth of choice.

We’ve established strong partnerships with a couple of other small, specialist recruiters in order to still be able to offer agency positions to our candidates. They’re great at what they do and between them they cover the breadth of the agency market – both here in the UK and overseas in places like Dubai, Singapore and Australia. This way we can help to act as your guide with no bias.

Investing back into the market.

Since the start of 2013 we’ve run graduate recruitment not-for-profit and have helped hundreds of graduates and school leavers to find their first role in the digital market. No strings, no catches. Find out why here.

The right advice.

Our model is pretty simple – know the market inside out and give our candidates the right advice, whether it’s good for us in the short-term or not. We tend to find that candidates come back to us when the time is right, and they normally tell their friends too. We like to think of it as recruitment karma.

No jobs, just content.

You won’t find a jobs board on this site and won’t see us advertising elsewhere (other than the odd graduate role). People recommend us because of our knowledge. We’re here to offer expertise and advice on the digital market, not to sell jobs. We produce all of our own content and structure it around the questions we get asked by our client and candidates on a daily basis. We’re also the company behind The Digital Agency Starchart.

Good for the environment.

We strive to be a green business – we are a paperless recruitment company where possible (and recycle when not). A small step, but an important one.