Making the right agency move

Let’s be honest, you could be forgiven for thinking that all agencies are the same. This is a pretty popular opinion amongst the people we talk to, and it’s leading to a static market which is leaking talent above Manager level. The agency market is more mercenary that ever. But is there a good reason to move aside from the money?


As we build out this series of blogs, we’ll explore exactly what it does take to make a successful and progressive move to another agency.


What does the media agency universe look like?

What are the common perceptions of working in an agency?

How do you make a good move when every agency looks the same?

What does the future hold for media agencies?

Why are agency people getting younger and younger?

Why did we stop recruiting for agencies?

Why do people want to leave agencies to work in-house?

What do you lose when you move away from working at an agency?