Australian Starchart 2014

Ever wondered what the Australian digital agency market looks like from space?

No? Well we did.

We’ve teamed up with our Australian counterpart nuclei recruitment to produce an Australian version of our Digital Agency Starchart, produced (as before) by the talented Mr Jack Hagley.

Australian Starchart (large)

How does it compare to the UK?

Here’s our UK chart and (underneath it) another version of the Australian chart, this one produced to exactly the same scale (so planets are relatively sized for a true comparison).

Digital Agency Starchart 2013

Australian Starchart (small)

When you compare the two different versions, the first thing you’ll notice is that the graphic is a lot smaller (as you can see), but it’s important to note that this largely reflects the ‘rules’* applied to this infographic rather than the definitive size of the Australian market.

One of the the other things to bear in mind is that the UK is used by many agencies as the main hub for running activity across EMEA, whereas in APAC this is usually Singapore. Australia is normally a semi-autonomous hub looking after Australia and perhaps New Zealand. So headcount is typically smaller. Let’s take a look at Dentsu in the UK and in Australia:

Aus-UK Dentsu Aegis

Taking a like-for-like comparison, iProspect is a lot smaller in Australia than it is in the UK (around 60 people versus over 300), but in Australia Dentsu Aegis also owns another digital performance agency called Columbus Search which will scew the comparison a little.

What’s interesting is how quickly the market is growing there and how hospitable and embracing it is of enterprising indendent agencies alongside the big players.

If you fancy comparing more individual companies and networks we’ve knocked up a handy page for you here.

The Australian market

If you’re interested in learning more about the Australian market, you’re in for a real treat. I [Neil] spent 3 weeks out there back in March meeting people who work in it and blogging my socks off. You can either read that here or check out our snazzy Pinterest page here.


* The rules.

We made this with a slightly different set of rules from the previous version – partly for ease and speed and partly because it’s the comparison with the UK which we thought was interesting.

On the UK version, we aimed to show every company under the major groups to show the true scale of the market. On this one, we’ve just shown the agencies that are immediately relevant to the digital market – those with a significant digital media presence, omitting the agencies which don’t conform.

The dates relate to the founding of the company or the parent company when they are part of a group (more interesting for the independents).

Colours show the type of company and the size of the planets represents number of headcount. Stars are sized to aggregate all constituent agencies.

Oh, and by the way…

Conveniently, we also recruit for the Australian digital market. You can take a look at some of the current opening here and we’re always happy to talk you through the market there if you prefer.


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