How would you reinvent the digital agency?

Everything’s going to be Hall-right

“You’re going to have to do very well to beat me now.” I shouted confidently to Neilson at the other end of the table. Three minutes later, he had beaten me.

We were playing table tennis and I had been 10-5 up in a game to 11. Not my finest hour on the table, still, you can’t help but enjoy a bit of ping pong. Our battle ground was in the centre of an emerging creative hub of a new look Kings Cross. Soon to be home to Google HQ, Kings Cross is proving to be a popular spot for creatives and entrepreneurs, and was where Neilson Hall had chosen to locate his innovative new digital agency, Illuminate.

photo (19)

Neilson has spent his time until recently working for some of the biggest digital agencies in the business and it seems he has taken all the positives and applied them to his own project. I wanted to know which learnings Neilson had taken forward and which aspects of digital agencies belonged firmly in the past. Over to Mr Hall.

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5 reasons insourcing is harder than it looks

Helping to make media sense of it all

The times they are a-changing, sang an old man. And he was right. As old men often are.

While this seems a fairly obvious comment, the ever-changing face of the digital landscape looks to be taking yet another turn. As brands become more digitally savvy, they are asking the question of whether it wouldn’t perhaps be easier and cheaper to bring digital resource in-house rather than having to outsource to agencies.

For those trying to make sense of this raging debate help is available in the shape of the smart folk from MediaSense.

image (17)

That’s an image produced by MediaSense, who at the core are a media advisory company. (Of course I couldn’t resist adding drama by putting it through Instagram as is the NRCo way.) I went to see them to ask what they do and whether agencies still have a part to play in digital. (CLUE: they do.)

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Life under the radar – startups in stealth mode

Is there Nathan he can’t do?

“I have all these clothes,” Nathan complained.

We were deep in discussion about what to wear when the dress code at work is casual. Now at a startup, Nathan’s old agency garb is no longer relevant but he hates to see it go to waste in his cupboard. A first world problem it may be but a problem nonetheless, and you don’t hear about that on Econsultancy!


Thankfully, Nathan Levi is so much more than his clothes. Having fallen into digital and made it big at a young age, Nathan was ready for a new challenge. He felt that challenge lay in startups. Now in the final stages of a launching a new company I wanted to know what drew him to startups, how he picked the right one and what challenges he has faced.

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