Keeping the startup feel while moving into big business

Everything’s going to be SRK

“I’m used to getting photos taken, I’m good at it.”

Quite a skill to have in your locker, and as much as it pains me to say, he wasn’t wrong. Then again, I am good at taking photos…


These were the words of Simon Kallu, one of the hottest young business minds on the block, founder of SRK, and more importantly, my accountant. Simon did his time at big accountancy firms before deciding to start his own business; I wanted to know what motivates him, how a growing business maintains the personal touch and where he finds satisfaction at work.

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Surrounded by startups – entrepreneurship is in the blood

Ducat that got the cream

Coffee was the order of the day and if I may I’ll start this piece off with a recommendation. Go to Ozone in Old Street. It’s fantastic.

Omi Ducat

Omi Ducat had suggested the place for our meeting and I was more than pleased. This, however, wasn’t the only good piece of advice Omi had up her sleeve. Having spent the last few years working at the top of various agencies, she had decided to enter the world of startups. I wanted to know what it’s like at the top, whether entrepreneurship is in the blood and what makes a good startup.

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