Dipesh mode – why it pays to talk in digital media

Put yourself in Dipesh mode.

“He doesn’t even know about GDN,” Dipesh spluttered gleefully. Neil laughed too, at my expense. This wasn’t the first time I had been on the end of digital bullying. One time on YouTube someone said one of my standup videos wasn’t funny. At least this time people were laughing.

Dipesh mode

Google Display Network (in your face Dipesh) and my personal failings aside, I had gone to meet Dipesh Shah, another sharp cookie who has left agency life for a role at an innovative startup. I wanted to know if he had any top tips for securing that move to a startup and whether life is as rosy as he expected.

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A piece of the pie – why sharing is caring at a startup

Every startup needs a cracker like Jacobson

Forward by WeSEE

The web portal Lycos.co.uk may well be distant memory to some of you, but for die hard web savvy fans the ‘worlds biggest chat’, its online dating service ‘Love@Lycos’ and innovative search engine ‘Lycos Search’ was very much ahead of its time – pre-Facebook and pre-Google no less. By the turn of the ‘naughties’ Lycos was the biggest portal in Europe and seen as an innovator in bringing ‘social technologies’ to the masses and if that wasn’t a good enough accolade in itself, it also had a rather cute black Labrador as its icon. Now as you’d expect there were some pioneering and not to mention pretty clever people behind the scenes at Lycos, and excitingly some of them have teamed up again in the form of WeSEE.com and they’re doing something equally if not more ground breaking.

Angie Lopez, Adrian Moxley and Sam Kayum; all former Senior Directors of the now dearly departed Lycos, teamed up to develop and launch into the market a breakthrough computer vision technology which is beginning to help some of the biggest web publishers and advertising agencies solve some substantial industry headaches – namely classifying image and video content so that it becomes brand safe, attractive and a targetable ad proposition – pretty important issues considering there are 1.5 billion consumers using social media sites and viewing video.


Alex Jacobson

Meet Alex

Alex Jacobson, Account Manager at WeSEE, is the kind of guy that will sit outside in the middle of a scorching day and order a steaming cup of tea. He’s cool, he’s calm and he’s working in an extremely exciting area of digital: making sense of and harvesting data from the visual web. I wanted to know what attracted him to a startup, how has it affected his career progression and does having equity in a company make you more dedicated.

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