The Digital Future – What does it hold for big agencies?

The market is strong with this one.

All this talk of digital futures and changing markets makes me think about Star Wars. It doesn’t look as though anyone’s going to invent a lightsaber, but there are some drastic changes occurring in this disrupted market and the balance of power is shifting.

NE pic

The smiley gentleman you can see in that photo is Nick Ellsom. Nick was a big agency stalwart, leading the performance team at Diffiniti (now iProspect) before moving on to be Head of Digital at PhD. His most recent move has seen him set up on his own as the founder of Fast Thinking. I wanted to know why he moved, what was happening to the market and what the future holds.

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Startup stigma – why would you leave your agency?

Two Wongs Would be Alright

It was hot. Hotter than a cat’s something or other. What better time to grab a cool, delicious Coke (product placement) and chat about startups with Simon Wong.

Simon Wing

Simon is a digital marketing whizz with an entrepreneurial head on his shoulders. He has followed the recent trend of moving from a global digital marketing agency (Steak) to a small East London startup called What Now Travel. I wanted to know why he moved, how his role and lifestyle have changed and whether there’s anything he misses.

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