Life under the radar – startups in stealth mode

Is there Nathan he can’t do?

“I have all these clothes,” Nathan complained.

We were deep in discussion about what to wear when the dress code at work is casual. Now at a startup, Nathan’s old agency garb is no longer relevant but he hates to see it go to waste in his cupboard. A first world problem it may be but a problem nonetheless, and you don’t hear about that on Econsultancy!


Thankfully, Nathan Levi is so much more than his clothes. Having fallen into digital and made it big at a young age, Nathan was ready for a new challenge. He felt that challenge lay in startups. Now in the final stages of a launching a new company I wanted to know what drew him to startups, how he picked the right one and what challenges he has faced.

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Keeping the startup feel while moving into big business

Everything’s going to be SRK

“I’m used to getting photos taken, I’m good at it.”

Quite a skill to have in your locker, and as much as it pains me to say, he wasn’t wrong. Then again, I am good at taking photos…


These were the words of Simon Kallu, one of the hottest young business minds on the block, founder of SRK, and more importantly, my accountant. Simon did his time at big accountancy firms before deciding to start his own business; I wanted to know what motivates him, how a growing business maintains the personal touch and where he finds satisfaction at work.

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