Surrounded by startups – entrepreneurship is in the blood

Ducat that got the cream

Coffee was the order of the day and if I may I’ll start this piece off with a recommendation. Go to Ozone in Old Street. It’s fantastic.

Omi Ducat

Omi Ducat had suggested the place for our meeting and I was more than pleased. This, however, wasn’t the only good piece of advice Omi had up her sleeve. Having spent the last few years working at the top of various agencies, she had decided to enter the world of startups. I wanted to know what it’s like at the top, whether entrepreneurship is in the blood and what makes a good startup.

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Career and beard growth at a startup

I bet Lewis(h) you had that beard

Many moons had passed since last I saw Matt Lewis, so I thought it was about bloody time I paid him a visit.

Matt Lewis

What is he looking at?

I first met Matt when he was a fresh faced whippersnapper (2 years ago) working in biddable at MoneySupermarket. Now he is Head of Digital Marketing at the quite brilliant startup company carwow. I wanted to know if moving to a startup speeds career progression, how the working environment changes and whether he enjoys being more involved in the business.

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