The Digital Career Evolution

I asked my mum for socks for my birthday again last year.

You can never have enough socks, so I was happy with them. If my mum had given me socks for my 10th birthday, I dare say it would have been a different story (I wanted a Turtles action figure – ideally Donatello, but I’d have settled for Michelangelo).

Our priorities change as we get older. It’s a bit like this with our careers.


What’s important to us in a new role changes as we gain experience, and as we get older. In our next short series of blog posts, we’re going to take a look at each stage and give our insight to help you make the right move. Continue reading

“Dubai, or not Dubai…”

Dubai, or not Dubai, that is the question. This week we attempt to Sheikh off the myths behind salaries in Dubai, with a little help from Cath Arnold, our partner for the markets in the Middle East.


We did try and find a picture of Cath from one of her trips in Dubai but no dice, so we had to subtly Photoshop this imagine

Aside from the lifestyle, a lot of people move there for the money. I wanted to know from Cath whether the streets really are paved with gold and to dispell a few of the myths about the earning potential over there. Continue reading