FAQ – Getting the Job

Jobs are what we’re here for and here’s how to get one. We want to cover every angle of getting that first job because you can do so much more than write a decent CV and respond to an advert.

The Basics

Where can I find the latest jobs?

What am I going to earn?

What’s the process of getting that first job?

How do I display a passion for digital media?

CV & Cover Letter

How do I tailor my CV for digital media jobs?

How do I write my cover letter for digital media jobs?

The Interview

How should I prepare for interviews?

What shall I wear?

Added Extras

Is there a course I can do to give me the edge?

What are the experts’ favourite Excel tools?

If you feel any of your questions haven’t been answered then don’t hesitate to get in touch at matt@neilsrecruitment.co.uk