Moving in-house

Moving from an agency to an in-house position is both more viable and more popular than it’s ever been. Over the years we’ve spent more and more time moving people from agencies into in-house positions and now it’s the bulk of what we do as a company. Explore the below to find out more about making the move, from people who have made the jump already.


The Headlines.

Why does everyone want to move in-house?

Learn more about moving from agency to client-side from the people who have done it already

How do you avoid making the wrong move?


Do client-side roles pay more?

Will working client-side improve my career progression?

Is it easier to diversify your channel exposure in-house?

Are agency acquired skills valued higher than in-house skills?

What draws senior agency people in-house?


What are the benefits of employing agency people into in-house roles?

Working Mechanics

Do you have more influence and control working in-house?

Is client-side work too far away from the action?

Is it easier to get campaigns signed off in-house?

Is it more difficult to stay up to date with the market in-house?


Is the work/life balance better in-house?

How does the social life at work differ?

Where are in-house roles based?

Working Environment

How does the working culture differ in-house compared to agency?

Do you have to work harder at an agency?

How target-driven are in-house roles and how is success measured?

Are the offices more or less impressive client-side?

How big are in-house teams compared to agency side?

How much does the vertical the company works in affect the culture of the company?


After speaking to everyone, what did I learn?