The digital market in Australia


An overview

An overview of the digital media market in Australia

Read about the market from the people who work there

The market

What does the digital agency market look like and how does is compare to the UK?

How advanced is the Australian market compared to the UK?

What are career prospects like in the Australian market?

What’s the digital media planning market like in Australia?

How does the working culture differ in Australia?

What does the future hold for the Australian digital market?

What experience do you need to move into the Australian digital market?

What’s the SEO market like in Australia?

What’s ecommerce like in Australia?

How savvy are clients in the Australian market?


How much are you worth in the Australian market?

How much do you need to earn to have a reasonable lifestyle in Sydney?


How easy is it to gain sponsorship?

How much experience do you need to get sponsorship?

What’s the actual process of getting sponsorship?

The Process

What will improve my employability in Australia?

How do you interview for roles in Australia?

How do you improve your employability in the Australian market?

Will companies pay for your flights and relocation?

What should I consider before moving to Australia?

Coming back to the UK

How easy is it to move back from the Australian market?

Will you need to take a pay drop to come back?

The Lifestyle

What’s the lifestyle like living in Sydney?

What are living costs like in Sydney?