Media Systems, Tech & Analytics Resource Guide

Welcome our Media System, Tech & Analytics resource page. There’s loads of stuff here for you to get your teeth into. Learn about the different components from the top and then see how it all fits together at the bottom.


Firstly, what are Media Systems, Tech and Analytics?

Media Systems and Technology are the foundation of digital media as they underpin and enable every marketing discipline to function. It would be difficult to run a trading desk without a Demand Side Platform (DSP) and you couldn’t run a PPC campaign without Adwords. Analytics is where the huge volume of data that is collected is examined and why digital marketing is so efficient.


Free Training Webinars

To date we have held two incredibly useful webinars. The first is about Conversion Rate Optimisation and the second covers Ad/Digi Operations.

Here Carl from iProspect talks us through the technology they use to ensure websites run as efficiently as possible to make conversions. Click here and enter the password tellmemoreaboutCRO.

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In the next one Simon from iProspect gives us a run down of the basics of Ad Operations which is essentially how campaigns are tagged and tracked and the sorts of customer data that can be obtained through this. To access the session click here and enter the password tellmemoreaboutadops.

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Tech FAQs

What’s it like to work in Media Systems?

What’s it like to work in Web Analytics?

What role does technology and media systems play in a company?

How can Web Analytics improve conversion rate?

What’s happening in Tech & Analytics at the moment?

What does an Ad/Digi Operations team do?


Tech News

Click here for a look at some of the latest tech news.

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Excel Tips

In digital media having a good grasp of Excel can save you mountains of time and effort as well as helping you stand out in an interview (as explained here). Some of the most useful Excel tools are macros, pivot tables and V-Lookups. Click here for a couple of basic tutorials.


Maths Practice

Some companies will test you on this, so make sure you’re not rusty by putting in a bit of practice here or Google ‘free numerical test’ and you should get plenty of options.



Multivariate Testing (MVT) – the process of testing more than one component of a website, typically associated with usability, web analytics and conversion optimisation.

Conversion Rate Optimsation (CRO) – organising a website in such a way that maximises efficiency of conversion.

Demand Side Platform (DSP) – an interface through which multiple ad exchanges can operate.

Ad Server – the technology that allows advertising banners etc to appear on web pages.

Data Management Platform (DMP) – interface that allows user to manage big data.

Pixel Tracker – a pixel dropped on a user that allows them to be tracked.

Container Tag – simply a tag that is capable of holding other tags.

Floodlight Tag

Attribution – the process of crediting different media sources throughout the buying cycle.


How does it all fit together?

Half the battle of media systems is to get everything to fit together. Here’s a handy diagram from a brilliant article on AdExchanger showing how many of the things we’ve covered fit into the digital ecosystem.