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Our intern Mike writes regularly about his experiences, observations and the things he learns during his internship. He’s also taking place in a Digital Marketing Diploma provided by the Digital Marketing Institute, read about his findings here. 


1st March 2013

Blog Neglect

There’s been a serious case of blog neglect over the last couple of weeks and only I can be held accountable. So here’s an update – I’ve been with iProspect for exactly four weeks now and in this short time I’ve been subjected to two office relocations, one fire-drill and a numerous client calls where my only words have been “Hello” and “Good-bye”. That aside I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first month and I’m genuinely excited what the future has in store.

Until Monday of this week the SEO branch of iProspect had been based down in Covent Garden. Those of you who are well versed in London’s Digital Media agencies may know that the “iProspect mothership” is based in Regent’s Place – just outside Great Portland Street Station. Monday I moved onto the 5th floor of iProspect’s central hub. I’ve got my own desk, my own telephone extension and my very own list of responsibilities that are stacking up day-by-day.

Over the first fortnight I had been placed in more of a supporting role, helping members of my team with ad-hoc tasks that they needed completing for their clients. This ranged from blogger outreach to on-site analysis to weekly/monthly analytical reports  for specific clients. However over the last 10 days I’ve stepped over what must be the ‘threshold of trust’ – and what I’m my responsibilities have begun to stack up.

Before I started at iProspect I thought I knew what stress was. Over the last 4 weeks my preconceptions of stress have been shattered. I’ve got a lot of work & responsibilities and they seem to be increasing day-by-day. Next week is the first of a new month, so it will truly be reporting central; fingers crossed I’ll make it through it unscathed.  That being said, I’ve really enjoyed my first month and I’m (still) looking forward to what the next month has to offer.

6th February 2013

My First Week at iProspect

Wednesday last week was my first day of a new job for me. For those of you who haven’t been reading Mike’s blog; mid-January I landed a SEO Analyst position at iProspect. 7 days in and everything is still very new to me, but I’m starting to feel like I’m getting to get to grips with what my responsibilities entail & beginning to get comfortable.

I’m part of the SEO team working over a wide-range of industries; spanning everything from insurance, broadband, holidays and mobile networks. At the moment my position is more of a support role and doesn’t consist of direct interaction with clients. The kind of work I’ve been tasked so far has been a mixture of; keyword research, blogger outreach, weekly/ monthly analytical reports for clients and a little back-link analysis (most of which has quite a bit of Excel to it). At first the spectrum of the different types of responsibilities was daunting; but I feel I got up to speed with most things after the first couple of days.

As I mentioned earlier, after a week I feel like I’m settling in. The office is in Covent Garden and has a great atmosphere to it; everyone is friendly & helpful, introducing themselves if we (me being one of the ‘new guys’) haven’t been introduced. The workspace isn’t too corporate and you are encouraged to dress fairly casually, but still retains its’ professionalism and everyone works hard.

Overall the first week of iProspect has been a great learning experience. I’m only starting to realise how much I thought I knew, and how much there is in practice. Really looking forward to what else there is to come – like yesterday. I nipped out of the office to grab a spot of lunch and spotted FIFA 13 on the big screen. Perfect.

28th January 2013

I got the Job!

Apologies, I’ve realised that I’ve neglected this blog over the last couple of weeks. However, I have got a (fairly-decent) excuse. In the prior post you may have read that I had a job interview with iProspect for a SEO Analyst role. I’m pleased to announce that after one more interview, an excel test and a meeting with one of the members of the iProspect board. The position was offered to me, and I willingly accepted it.

Sadly, this means that my time working at Neil’s has come to an end, and this is infact my last day working face to face with Neil, Dan, Nicola and Niklas. I start working at iProspect on Wednesday, and can’t wait to get cracking. During the brief time spent interning at Neil’s it’s clear to me that it has been been one of the greatest learning experiences of my life, I’ve enjoyed every moment of it and would do it again with a drop of a hat.

I’d liked to extend my thanks to the whole team at Neil’s Recruitment. Firstly for taking me on, sticking with me throughout and feeding me in to this position at iProspect. While I’m leaving the office space at Neil’s, I will be still updating my blog regularly with ‘tales from a SEO Analyst‘ (look out for this) for those who are interested to what working in the Digital Media, and more specifically the SEO industry is really like.

9th January 2013

New Year, New Beginnings

It’s my first week of 2013 with Neil’s Recruitment Company and already I’ve been surprised by the news of a job interview today with iProspect. Keen readers of my blog may remember that I visited iProspect HQ last year to get a taste of how digital agencies operate. I loved it – the office atmosphere was great, the people were friendly & helpful and it was somewhere I could picture myself working whenever the time came.

Since starting working in the digital marketing industry, as well as progressing in my Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, I’ve begun to realise that I really enjoy both the on and off-site practices of SEO, social and creating content. Over the last few weeks I’ve toyed with the idea of possibly moving into this niche after I’ve finished my time at Neil’s Recruitment – and begun to hone my skills in these particular areas.

As it happened an entry-level SEO Analyst position became available at said iProspect and Neil asked if I wanted to go forward for it. Obviously I jumped at the chance, and it was penned in the diary. A few hours later I met with Adrian, an SEO Analyst that works for iProspect to get a better feel for what to expect. I got a great feel of what it was like to work for them and all the questions I had were answered fully and in great detail by Adrian, many thanks to him.

This meeting mixed with preparation has helped me to be able to walk into iProspect ready and feeling confident. The interview is a 3pm today so wish me luck, and keep your eyes peeled on here if you want to learn how it went.

19th December 2012

My time at Neil’s so far

We’re wrapping up here at Neil’s Recruitment Company (excuse the pun) for Christmas so it seems like a reasonable time to talk about my experience so far. I’ve been part of the team for almost a month now and I’m finding my time here helpful and refreshing.

I’ll do my best to give readers of my blog an insight into what I do at Neil’s. Every week we create a newsletter for graduates that sign up to the website. If you haven’t already signed up for it, get on it. The newsletter is packed full of jobs of the week, the latest news from Neil’s Recruitment and insight pieces into how to make yourself more employable. Whether that’s from CV tips, to how to write a cover letter to help you ‘stick out’, to common interview mistakes. I (try to) put together these newsletters; shortlisting positions that graduates may find appealing, creating the content and everything in-between.
I’m also in charge of Graduate communication channels via social media, updating my developments in the Digital Marketing Diploma and the odd bit of on/off-site SEO, Facebook ad-campaigns and link-building. I’m thoroughly enjoying my time at Neil’s recruitment so far and look forward to what 2013 has to offer.

I’ll take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from everyone here at Neil’s.


29th November 2012

First day…

Yesterday was my first day of work at Neil’s Recruitment Company. After the inevitable cancelled train and the nightmare journey into London, I arrived. I spent the morning learning about the business and a bit about the market and Neil had arranged for me to talk a floor walk at iProspect, (a digital agency they do a lot of work with) in the afternoon and meet one of the Account Directors in the SEO team.

I met Michael – as well as being an Account Director in the SEO team, he also heads their video team ‘Play’. I was a little apprehensive meeting a experienced Digital Marketer who works for such a globally established company, but Michael was considerate, calm and extremely helpful. He went on to explain the extent of operations: the different digital marketing channels/teams, the variations between them and how these teams work in tandem to deliver a service.

This was my first experience within a digital media agency, and while the outside of the office was pretty foreboding and corporate-looking, the inside wasn’t as nearly as daunting. The office was airy, open and had a lively but relaxed feel to it. My expectations of seeing rows of suits and working cubicles was quickly replaced with fresh faced twenty-somethings casually dressed.

The outside of iProspect’s office near Great Portland Street station

It was great for me to see how Digital Media works on a larger scale, and how the grass roots of Online Marketing (PPC, SEO, and Social Media) are implemented and practiced. It was really useful and interesting to meet someone who is an expert in the field that I’d love to progress in.

Once the meeting was complete it was time for me to move on to my first lecture in my Diploma in Digital Marketing course provided by the Digital Marketing Institute. The class size was around the 20 person mark and was a mix of graduates, business owners and employees wanting to add another string to the bow. All hailing from around the globe, there were people from South America, Europe and Asia.

The lecture was taken by Mike Berry and started by introducing what the course would cover over the 12 weeks. He also went on to explain a brief history of Digital Marketing and what the future may hold for the industry. Mike delivered the lecture in a clear and informative style that put everyone at ease and made it easy to understand. If there were any queries he answered them in a friendly and simple way.

The introduction lecture to the course really whetted my appetite of things to come, covering everything from SEO in the first (real) lecture to analytics towards the end. I have no doubt that this course will provide invaluable knowledge and in-turn I’m looking forward to see what I can achieve with this skill set under my belt.

All in all it, my first day at Neil’s Recruitment Company was really enjoyable. I got a feel for the business and the industry, met some great people and took several steps towards my ultimate goal; a career in the digital media industry. It almost made the bitterly cold London weather bearable.