My Time at the Digital Marketing Institute

Our intern Mike and he’s currently undergoing a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing provided by the Digital Marketing Institute. Here are the latest updates from his findings while taking on the course.

15th January 2013

Week Four at the DMI

2013 is in full swing and I’ve returned to the Digital Marketing Institute to continue my Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing. This time Mike Berry returned to cover the old but ever-relevant world of Email Marketing.

Email Marketing has received a lot of stigma over the last couple of years. Our inboxes are constantly receiving emails from companies letting us know of their latest special offers, news and often information that doesn’t interest us. But when done ‘right’; email marketing can be extremely cost-effective, engaging and a direct channel to a potential customer.

Mike went on to explain the basics of email, the advantages, deliverability, measuring email effectiveness and the future of email. He gave a great indication of what makes a good email campaign and equally what makes a bad one.

Email campaigns, to be effective must be segmented. A specific email to a targeted audience is going to be much more effective than a generic email sent out to the whole email database. Emails must also be personalised but must strike the balance right between being friendly and coming over as ‘too personal’. Testing is also a key part, this type of digital marketing can be a ‘trial and error’ campaign experimenting to see what’s the most effective & engaging.

This was Mike Berry’s second lecture and like his first lecturer, covering the introduction. He delivered the course material fluidly, knowledgeably and was more than happy to answer any questions the class had. Before this session I knew very little about Email marketing but after this 3 hour session I felt that I had a good idea of how to implement, test and optimise a Email Marketing campaign.

18th December 2012

Week Three in the Digital Marketing Diploma

Today the lecture was covering the often confusing world of PPC(Pay per click). The lecture was taken by Matthew Parle Steven Gradidge who both work for White Hat Media. This session covered everything from managing your Google AdWords account, to budgets & bidding, to measurement and optimization of your PPC campaign.

While I have had some experience in SEO and Social Media marketing Pay per Click was something completely alien to me. Matt and Steven gave the lecture in a clear, charismatic and extremely insightful  fashion. If any questions or queries arose they would address them helpfully. At the end class I felt like I had a good understanding of Pay per Click advertising. How it could be implemented, where mistakes could be made in campaigns; as-well the strengths and weaknesses of PPC.

There’s not another lecture until January (assuming we’re all still here) and that will be covering Email Marketing – which I’m really looking forward to as it’s new to me. Keep your eyes peeled for that. In the mean time I’ll take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from everyone here at Neil’s.

10th December 2012

Week Two

Today’s lecture was lead by Jeremy Spiller. He covered the wide and often confusing world of Search Engine Optimization. We started with the history and worked forwards towards the present, covering the differences between on/off site and the future of SEO. One of the more surprising things to come out of this lecture for me was that the majority of the ‘off-site SEO’ isn’t very techy at all. On the contrary much of it is content related – creating interesting and engage substance that readers want to share.

While I can’t go into much detail about what I learnt (this lecture alone was 112 slides)  I can tell you that the session was well taught, clear and extremely insightful. If anyone has any questions regarding the Digital Marketing Institute or the course itself please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me – I’ll do my best to answer any queries you may have.

29th November 2012

Week One at the Digital Marketing Diploma

The Diploma in Digital Marketing course is provided by the Digital Marketing Institute. The class size was around the 20 person mark and was a mix of graduates, business owners and employees wanting to add another string to the bow. All hailing from around the globe, there were people from South America, Europe and Asia.

The lecture was taken by Mike Berry and started by introducing what the course would cover over the 12 weeks. He also went on to explain a brief history of Digital Marketing and what the future may hold for the industry. Mike delivered the lecture in a clear and informative style that put everyone at ease and made it easy to understand. If there were any queries he answered them in a friendly and simple way.